Hybrid Construction is a design and construction practice that uses the most economical forms of steel materials and fabrication techniques available to create a complete building. Hybrid Construction is an economic alternative to “conventional” steel construction when the structural requirements are greater than the economical capabilities of traditional pre-engineered building systems.

The Harrell Construction and VP Buildings team is highly skilled in the Hybrid Construction discipline and is dedicated to delivering the best value for the construction dollar.
Economical Solution

The Hybrid System is a very economical system where the building must support larger structural loads created by conditions such as:

  • Clear spans of over 150'
  • Crane loads of over 20 tons
  • Multiple crane requirements
  • Building heights of over 50’
  • Multiple structural floors
  • Conveyor or equipment support
  • Extremely tight deflection and drift requirements
Building Applications

The flexibility of the Hybrid Construction Method by VP Buildings is ideal for a variety of building types such as:
  • Hangars    
  • Maintenance facilities
  • Office Buildings    
  • Hotels
  • Sports Arenas    
  • Transit Facilities
  • Maintenance Facilities
Heavy Industrial
  • Steel Mills    
  • Paper Mills
  • Aluminum Processing Plants    
  • Metal Coating Facilities
  • Automotive Manufacturing
Light Industrial
  • Warehouses    
  • Manufacturing Facilities


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